Flexible application distribution process definitions

More time for business task when packaging work included in service but also from application distributions, whatever the previous distribution process has been. Centero Software Manage will automate whole distribution process without compromising any organization specific needs in distribution process. 

Distribution process can be configured to include different distribution phases, target devices, schedule and interval of specified phases. For example, distribution process could contain 

  1. technical testing, 
  2. first level testing, 
  3. second level testing and 
  4. final production distribution phases.

Fine-grained distribution configurations can be defined in process and also model organization specific needs to be
included in distribution process.

Centero Software Manager can distribute new versions to devices but also handles updating of old versions on devices. In addition to installing and updating applications also application removal can be performed.

Service can be used to include only installation packages. This could be useful if distributions will be added manually to system that can be used to distribute applications. In this case customer receives notification when new versions are available and then installation package can be downloaded from Centero Portal.